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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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If your business is facing financial struggles that jeopardize everything, then it might be time to consider Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy. With a successful Chapter 11 bankruptcy, your business will be able to minimize debts by coming up with a new repayment plan that does not sacrifice needed company assets. Securing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a challenge, though, as you must appeal to both creditors and a bankruptcy court.

For legal insight and guidance for your Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy, come to Hipple Law P.C. Our Kane County bankruptcy lawyer — Roxanna M. Hipple, Esq. — is well-versed in all matters relating to bankruptcy, straightforward and complex. Backed by 20+ years of legal experience, our law firm is ready to help you and your business find a more comfortable, debt-free future.

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Breaking Down the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Process

Businesses with piling debt are understandably fearful of losing their company to debtors. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can dismiss that fear by finding a way to restructure debts without shutting the front doors for good. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is certainly used most often by companies, but it is also possible for a court to approve this method of bankruptcy for an individual in rare cases.

The basics of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be summarized as:

  • Petition: We are well versed in filing a petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a bankruptcy court.
  • Operations: In the majority of cases, you should be able to continue running your business as normal while your Chapter 11 bankruptcy is pending or developing. However, many financial decisions that can shape your company will need to be first approved by a bankruptcy court.
  • Reorganizing your debt: Your debt is reorganized into a new repayment plan to help your company pay off the debt without losing assets. A bankruptcy court will need to approve your proposed reorganization to ensure it is fair to your creditors and other interested parties.

Creating the Debt Reorganization Plan Right for Your Business

The key to a successful Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan is reorganizing your debt in a way that helps your business stay open while also working with creditors. The process is a complex one that requires an in-depth understanding of your own finances and bankruptcy law. For all the bankruptcy law assistance, guidance, and representation you need to succeed, call (847) 787-7179 and talk with a Kane County bankruptcy attorney from our law firm. We look forward to helping you in any way we can!


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