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Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

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When a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) is not making ends meet and accruing heavy debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing could be the solution. Done correctly, a Chapter 7 business bankruptcy — which is somewhat different than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for an individual — can allow you to shutter your company without risking your own assets through displaced liability for debts. On the other hand, a mishandled Chapter 7 business bankruptcy may end up putting yourself accountable for debts. You will want to proceed with the guidance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

At Hipple Law P.C., you can work with a trusted and compassionate Kane County bankruptcy lawyer who genuinely wants to see you enjoy a more comfortable tomorrow without debt. Attorney Hipple has decades of legal experience focused on bankruptcy cases for individuals and corporations alike. She has also worked closely with banks, insurance companies, and small businesses in other financial matters since 1983.

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Important Details of Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

When you need to close your business down, you will have a responsibility to liquidate as many of your company assets as you can to pay back as much as possible to creditors.

Business owners can often become personally liable for a company’s debts if they signed a personal guarantee.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings used in the name of a business entity will put an immediate halt to any and all business dealings. In other words, the doors to your shop will close at once and you will not be able to continue to conduct business as usual.

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Hipple Law P.C. is here to be your trusted guide through your bankruptcy procedure, whether you use business liquidation in a Chapter 7 case or another. Closing your business might be intimidating but with our help, you can see how it may just be the solution that you need right now. We can guide you through the process and what form of bankruptcy is right for you by contacting our firm at your first opportunity.


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