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Garnishments and Bank Levies in IL

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Wage garnishments and bank levies can be a difficult thing to face, especially considering that you may already be struggling to repay debts and now you are having your income withheld. If you are facing wage garnishments, it is important that you contact Hipple Law P.C. and speak with our Kane County bankruptcy attorney about the various options available for reversing and stopping garnishments. Our bankruptcy lawyer can help determine the best course of action to take for your specific situation.

One of the most effective ways to stop garnishments is to file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy will place an automatic stay on all of your accounts and all collection attempts and garnishments will be forced to cease. Bank levies may also be reversed and you will begin to receive the full amount of your paycheck once again. Depending on the chapter of bankruptcy you choose to file under, your situation may vary; however, a representative from our firm can help determine which chapter is right for you.

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Are you ready to move forward with your case? If so, Hipple Law P.C. can help ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the best possible resolution to your situation. Wage garnishments can be embarrassing and freezes on your accounts can make a difficult financial situation even more challenging.

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